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Between Centuries

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Beyond Old Windows: nostalgic looks at a small town and its people
  • A Thanksgiving Thought on North Street, November, 1996
  • The Old Year Passes, December, 1996

  • Beyond Old Windows: In Honor of our Elders February, 1997

  • The Growing Season: A Small Town's Sports Culture,  April, 1997
  • The Colors Unfurl: A Patriotic Tribute, June, 1997

  • Theo's ... a small town spot where neighbors and friends gather, 2000 - 2010

Nature's Ramblings: a journal of nature's activities beyond old windows

Sentimental Letters

  • Is This Your Best Work? ... the story of the old editor and the young journalist
  • The Silly Season ... a time for regression, compassion, and eventual progression
  • Special Delivery ... explaining why some Christmas Gifts come by post
  •  "The Bravest" by Tom Paxton (remembering all of you, with love, pride, and gratitude)

The Quilter's Quarters ... the real quilts, and how they came to be

  • The First Quilt, a variation of yo-yo on blocks, 1974 for a sweet little daughter
  • Blueberry Skies and Wishes  a double Irish chain for a strong young man, 2006
  • Welcoming a New Year in September ... for the classroom, 2003
  • Built for Comfort ... Mr. Chill,  a wall quilt of warm memories, 2005
  • Nine Houses, Nine Homes ... a family collection, 2006
  • Footprints on Mt. Major... a shared adventure, and a goal met. 2006
  • Stress Relief ... a summer of challenge and chosen changes, 2007
  • In Memory of a life-long volunteer firefighter... red checkerboard 2010

Friends Sharing Thoughts ...

  •  "Summer Sonnet" by Karen Aprile Rowe

Family Stories

  • Stephen's Story      September 1983 - October 2008

  • Dad through the ages, a family man.      July 28, 2010                     

  • He Called It "56" - Bob and Kitty's American Dream  1940 - 1999

  • Recognizing a Gift-a warm memory of a cold night's walk with Patch, 2003

  • August: a month that invites memories, and offers time to reflect

Fable, Tales, and Poems: 

The Fables and Tales:

The Deer, the Boys, and the Big Brown Truck ... a fable

Where Are the Fairy Godmothers? ... believing tales of happily ever after

Moonlight and Softer Shadows ... a memory of faith

And the Poems ...

"Gift Refused"  for Rob, and me, and all the others who wish...

"To Build A Box "   for Rick, who built for my Dad, and still for others

"Scape and Scope " for Trish, a poem of love and shared journeys

" A Constant Light " the shadow of a true leader's retirement

" Namaste, Anam Cara" for the many, truly recognizing each One

 "In This Blanket" for Amy, a sweet baby poem, in anticipation...

"Then, There" ... honoring another teller of old tales, through paintings...

"To Dream (in Two Centuries)" ... a childhood remembered

"Hankie Returned, Bride to Flower Girl" ... for Stacey, then and now


Photo Gallery ...

  • albums of quilts
  • snapshots of nature's beauty

The Pledge of Allegiance, Understood through A.S.L

  •  Chapter 1: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
  •  Chapter 2: And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God
  •  Chapter3Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  •  Chapter 4: history, origin, and videos of Red Skelton's patriotic pledge
  •  Dedication to U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd and SPFC Stephen Robert Fortunato

Classroom Pages:

  • Podcast Page containing audio files recreating American Leaders' messages
  • Power Points (American Brothers All; The Reformers; Henry David Thoreau)
  • Links to relevant sites (, school closings, historical sites, and stories covered in the "Not So Current Events" enrichment course)
  • Essay Guide (a user-friendly list of helpful reminders)

Members ...

  • join our site and have your own page to share a bit of you
  • click on member's profile photos to see their own page

Guestbook ... a place for members to say hello and leave a comment.


About Me ... a story of a 20th century woman finding her way in the 21st


About Multiple Sclerosis ...This is an introduction to my journey through the diagnosis and treatment of RRMS.


 About Melanoma ... This page contains information about my 2012 diagnosis and the beginning of lifelong treatments for it.


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