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I'm creating this new page as a place to showcase the offerings of friends, family and students who are willing to share their thoughts with the rest of us.  Please let me know of anything you would like to see here. We will respect all copyright law as we do throughout the website.

Karen Aprile Rowe has become a contributing member to the Beyond Old Windows website. Karen shares a history, a passion, and a career in public school teaching, and has captured in this piece the essence and  thought of every teacher, student and administrator I have ever met ... eloquently, elegantly, and with sweet honesty... for more of Karen't thoughts, see her  member page.

Summer Sonnet   

by Karen Aprile Rowe 

July's last luscious afternoons

When time is still so full,

We savor it in huge goblets,

Enjoying each sunny day piled on another,

Languid hours of luxury

Like everlasting bubbles.

Unlike August days

When summer's hourglass empties faster,

We worry over wasting precious moments

Once so delicious, so generously stacked before us,

Now so finite, and ephemeral,

Spent grudgingly, like nickels from a coffee can.

Summer's millionaires in June,

Fall's paupers all too soon.


*****     *****     *****     *****     *****


September's Response to Summer Sonnet:


by Karen Aprile Rowe
Endings are difficult for me;
Starting's just the place to be.
Here's the plan, and there's the list;
Each hope seems it's heaven-kissed.
Optimism hugs the seed;
Pessimism spawns the weed.
Anticipation lights the eye,
While Farewell turns her head to cry.



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