Beyond Old Windows: A Teacher's Thoughts Between Centuries

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July 5, 2013: Importanat Message from Terry

This web store will be moving to my new website at in the next few days. PayPal will still be an option there.

PayPal recommends that you purchase quilts or books or other items on line, using a credit card for quicker delivery. Once you've ordered, they will notify me, and I will ship it, USPS, with a reasonable shipping charge to you! (Limited to the United States Mail only) This is my effort to support our local mail carriers and post office workers.

Items purchased here and at our shop's location are subject to a Massachusetts Sales Tax (clothing exempt) and that amount will be forwarded on to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue. It is important to support our local services: Fire, Police, Schools and other town workers are paid in part by state taxes. Please shop locally.



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