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September is about to end ... we've begun this year with extra credit questions generated during classes by those who ask intriguing questions ... Here's a sample:

  • How many registered voters are there in Andover?
  • Which two towns chose to remain a part of Norfolk County rather than joining Suffolk?
  • Who is Andover's town moderator today.
  • Who was Andover's long serving town moderator for over 10, 20, 30 and more years ago?
  • Who is Doherty Middle School named for?

And here are a few new questions, for those students who are visiting the site this year:

  1. Who is running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this fall?
  2. What is the date of the election? (not the primary - that already happened ...)
  3. How many questions will be on the Masssachusetts ballot this fall?

To receive extra credit points, answer the question in writing, with your name and class  iincluded. Hand it in anytime before homeroom on  Friday, October 1st. No name and class, no credit.

Check this site each month to find more extra credit offerings . :)

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October has ended, and shortly after Halloween's Trick or Treaters were out, we began November by turning back the clocks, ending Daylight Saving Time. Why do we do this each fall? By whom, when, and why was this practice begun here in the United States? Who benefits - farmers? merchants? school bus drivers? And when will the next adjustment to our daylight hours occur?

Report back before the month ends to receive extra credit for answering these questions :)

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