Beyond Old Windows: A Teacher's Thoughts Between Centuries

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Poetry to Share Volume II


This Volume II of Poetry to Share offers more verses reflecting on teaching, relationships, and nature. Also included in this volume are song lyrics that were begun in the 1960's and completed in 2010, focused on a long-lasting love. This volume will be in production soon, and available for purchase by early July.

Terry Crawford Palardy grew up in South Boston, Massachusetts. She attended both public and parochial schools in that setting,and then moved to the suburbs, where she attended Northern Essex Community College, then Salem State College (now a University), Lesley (College) University in Cambridge, MA and finished with a summer course at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her message to her students is that perseverance will bring them to their goal.

She completed her teaching career with thirty years, and in those years she taught elementary special education and general education classes, and then middle school; she also worked as adjunct faculty for Lesley University, the graduate school where she had obtained her Masters’ Degree in Cambridge.

She is retiring from the Andover Public School System in 2011, and will pursue quilting and writing.

Terry is a mother of two and a grandmother of two; she lives with Rick, her husband of more than forty years, and will work with him in their craft store, Wooden Toy and Gift, in Georgetown, Massachusetts, selling beautiful things that make people happy.


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